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The FeelCare team member Recognition scheme 

Honoring Dedication: Celebrating Our Remarkable Team

At FeelCare, we understand the vital role our dedicated team members play in making a difference in the lives of others. Recognising and celebrating their unwavering commitment is not just important – it’s imperative. We take immense pride in acknowledging the exceptional achievements of our team, individuals who have gone above and beyond in countless ways.


A Tribute to Excellence


Our dedication celebration is a testament to the extraordinary efforts of our team members who consistently deliver outstanding care. We believe in the power of acknowledging those who go the extra mile, embodying our vision of what it truly means to be an inspiring carer. This initiative serves as a platform to recognise and reward the exceptional contributions that shape the very essence of FeelCare.


Aligned with Our Values


Central to our approach is our unwavering commitment to our core values: compassion, care, and commitment. We regularly evaluate each member of our care team, ensuring that their work aligns seamlessly with these principles. This assessment not only highlights their remarkable accomplishments but also underscores their dedication to upholding the highest standards of caregiving.


Celebrating Triumphs


Every achievement deserves to be celebrated, and at FeelCare, we do just that. Our winners are not only rewarded with a special gift, but their accomplishments are also proudly announced on our vibrant social media platforms – Facebook and Instagram. This recognition not only showcases their dedication to their role but also inspires others to continue striving for excellence.


Discover Our Champions


Curious to learn more about these remarkable individuals who embody the spirit of FeelCare? Dive deeper into their stories, triumphs, and the impact they’ve made by exploring our engaging company newsletters. For a more direct connection, simply click on the links below to unravel the inspiring narratives that highlight the heart and soul of our team.


At FeelCare, we believe that every moment of dedication deserves its moment of celebration. Join us in honoring the remarkable efforts of our team, as we continue to champion excellence, compassion, and unwavering commitment. Together, let’s celebrate the unsung heroes who make FeelCare shine bright.

Meet Danieli Celante 
Recognition winner Autumn 2020

image1 - Copy.jpeg

Celebrating Danieli: A Shining Star in Our Autumn 2020 Carer Recognition Scheme


Meet Danieli, a cherished member of our FeelCare family who truly embodies the spirit of dedication and compassion. As one of our exceptional support workers, Danieli has been an integral part of our team since May 2019. Her unwavering commitment to her role is a testament to her passion for making a positive impact on the lives of others.


Danieli finds immense joy in her role as a support worker and carer, relishing the opportunity to connect with a diverse range of individuals. Her enthusiasm shines through as she shares, “I really enjoy working with a variety of people. Being a carer allows me to utilise my skills and life experiences to assist and uplift those in need.” With a heart dedicated to supporting individuals in their journey to recovery, Danieli finds profound reward in witnessing their progress and being a significant part of their transformative path.


Beyond her dedicated work as a support worker, Danieli embraces a rich and fulfilling life outside of her professional role. She cherishes precious moments spent with her husband, friends, and family. Danieli’s zest for life extends to her love for sports, movies, and books, showcasing her vibrant and well-rounded personality.


Danieli’s Dedication: A Beacon of Inspiration


Danieli’s remarkable journey with FeelCare exemplifies the essence of our autumn 2020 Carer Recognition Scheme winner. Her compassionate approach, genuine care, and commitment to making a difference continue to inspire us all. Join us in celebrating Danieli’s outstanding contributions as she embodies the very essence of what it means to be a part of the FeelCare family. Her dedication and passion serve as a shining example to us all, reminding us that each act of kindness and support can truly transform lives.


Nominate a FeelCare carer

We actively encourage all our clients and  family members to help us recognise excellence by documenting any compliments received so our carers feel appreciated for the valuable work they do.

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