Christine Enriquez

"A hello from FeelCare founder"


"Thank you so much for visiting our site, if you need any help or have a question we are always here for you.  

I have worked in social care for as long as I can remember, but sadly I started to fall out of love with my role as a manager when I felt the quantity of clients began to override the quality of care. Five years on here I am with my own home care company! And the FeelCare family now providing the kind of support I am so proud to offer people in their own homes. For me, it is vital that we remain a small enough company to know each of our clients and carers by name, it's the only way to truly achieve great care and optimal well-being for both clients and carers"

The FeelCare team go above and beyond to -


  • provide the best care possible whilst always seeking to do better 

  • provide care with dignity and respect  

  • embrace the differences between us, clients and carers alike and grow stronger because of it

  • work together as a team whilst taking responsibility for ourselves 

  • be open, honest and fair 

  • to take pride in all we achieve by celebrating successes and never forgetting to note, share and learn from any shortcomings

  • ensure our clients’ and carers’ well-being is at the forefront of all we do 

  • have fun and live life to the fullest