You can make your recovery at home go a lot smoother if you take a little time to plan ahead and prepare your living space.

Our post operative and illness recovery care helps to prevent complications from surgery by helping you to prepare for a safe return home. Our carers will be there for you and your loved ones as long as you need them during your recovery.

Help to plan ahead if your doctor tells you that you need specific items such as oxygen tanks, an elevated toilet, shower seats or medical supplies 
Make sure you’re well supplied with the right food before you get back home
Support with bathing, showering and toileting.
Mobility support, such as help moving position in bed and help with standing or sitting and using hoists when required. 
Administering or prompting medication and supporting with pain management.
Changing bedding and housekeeping duties.
Complex care such as support with catheters, stoma and PEG feeding.