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Elevate Your Recovery with FeelCare's Post Operative and Illness Recovery Services


A warm and comforting home environment can play a pivotal role in the healing journey after surgery or during illness recovery. At FeelCare Home Care Services, we understand that a smoother recovery at home is within your reach when you take the time to plan ahead and create a nurturing living space.


Comprehensive Care for a Safer Return Home


Our specialised post operative and illness recovery care is designed to proactively prevent complications from surgery and support your safe return home. Our dedicated carers stand by your side, offering unwavering assistance for you and your loved ones throughout the entire recovery process.


Seamless Preparation for a Speedy Recovery


We recognise the importance of meticulous planning to ensure a seamless recovery experience. Our team will collaborate with you to:


  • Assist in preparing your living space for optimal comfort and safety.

  • Coordinate the acquisition of essential items, such as oxygen tanks, elevated toilets, shower seats, and medical supplies, as recommended by your doctor.

  • Ensure that you have a well-stocked supply of nourishing food, ready for your return home.


Empowering Support Every Step of the Way


FeelCare's post operative and illness recovery services encompass a wide range of personalised care, including:


  • Expert assistance with bathing, showering, and toileting, promoting your well-being and dignity.

  • Mobility support, offering aid in repositioning in bed, standing, and sitting, with the use of hoists when needed.

  • Skilful administration or reminders for medication, as well as dedicated support for effective pain management.

  • Housekeeping duties and changing bedding to create a clean and comfortable living environment.

  • Complex care solutions, including compassionate support with catheters, stoma care, and PEG feeding.


At FeelCare, we believe that your recovery is not just a destination, but a transformative journey towards renewed health. Our post operative and illness recovery services are rooted in a commitment to excellence, quality care, and compassion. We are here to guide you through the process, offering unparalleled support and care to help you achieve a successful and fulfilling recovery at home.


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