Frequently asked questions

How your support is arranged 


Arranging support is quick and simple, once an initial care assessment has been carried out by a FeelCare care manager a care plan is produced which includes: your care needs, timings of your carer visits, interests, contacts, medication and so on. When completed and agreed by you, a suitable care team member can then be matched with your file and introduced at a convenient time. For emergency and short-term notice bookings an introduction isn't always possible, but rest assured all our care team members are fully checked according to the Care Quality Commission's recruitment guidelines, please follow the link to view this checklist. 

How to change or cancel your care arrangements 


If at any point in time you are unhappy with the care you are 

receiving you can call the office team to express your concerns, make changes or cancel your care. It is your home, your care and always your choice - with 24 hours notice you can tell us what works for you. 

What your FeelCare carer can help you with 


There are so many tasks and care needs a carer can attend to. The best thing is to call our team for an informal chat about what type of support it is you need - from household chores and cooking to personal care and medication support there's lots we can help you with. 

What about your personal security 


Every team member goes through rigorous recruitment screening before they begin work with FeelCare. You can rest assured that ID, background, references and qualifications are all thoroughly checked before a FeelCare ID card is created. 

What happens when the office is closed


Our office phone number diverts to an on-call service answered by the FeelCare management team from 5 pm weekdays and over the weekend and holidays. Please bear in mind this is not an automated service, in the unlikely event your call is unanswered please leave a message and someone will get back to you.

How can you pay for a FeelCare carer  


We will send you a bill at the end of every month for the hours of care provided, this can be paid by your preferred payment method i.e. bank transfer or cheque. 

How FeelCare is accredited and monitored 


If you haven’t yet heard of the Care Quality Commission, they are the independent regulator of health and social care in England. The Care Quality Commission inspect all health and social care providers and use the evidence they collect to create a report on the quality of care being provided. The published reports include service ratings, which are summarised in an overall service score - ‘inadequate’, ‘requires improvement’, ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’. The report provides both clients and care providers with detailed information on all aspects of the service being provided. Enabling clients to make an informed decision when selecting a care provider, and services to continually improve what they do. FeelCare are thrilled to announce that their first published report was rated as ‘Good’ overall.