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Why we believe team building is the most important investment an organisation can make

For FeelCare, team building builds trust, lessens conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration. Like every family, community or close group of any kind we understand these are things we need to be aware of and manage well in order to have a happy healthy team. And without a happy healthy team there simply wouldn’t be a FeelCare Home Care Services.

The FeelCare team enjoying a game together on a recent team building day. 2022

FeelCare managing director Christine explains how she feels about her team,

“I know my team members are the key to the success of FeelCare and I work hard to create the kind of company my carers feel safe and cared for within”, She continues, “

My team are the biggest brand ambassadors who represent the face of the company on a daily basis and we are only ever as good as the last care shift we attend. Investing in my team is the most important investment we make, their well-being and happiness is just as important as the vulnerable people we support ”.

The team building activities FeelCare enjoy are anything from purely social events that offer a break from the being a carer, or they can be more structured in the form of skills training. FeelCare aim to find balance between both so their team feel nourished mentally and socially. During lock-down FeelCare offered virtual team building activities addressing mental health and other topics that the team suggested themselves. Each online session ended with a group meditation which helped relax and bond.

All FeelCare team building events are planned to be collaborative, inclusive and fun. Its important everyone has the chance to feel heard and understood.

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