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Transitioning into winter

With Autumn now shining it's golden light onto London town we can begin to feel that familiar 'nip' in the air. The colder season is a time to take extra care of our immunity and health in general. This week our blog looks at some key tips on how to take care of yourself no matter your walk of life or age.

  1. Wake up early during autumn, when the world is calm, to prepare your mind for the day.

  2. Balance autumn’s cold, dry, and light nature with a warm, moist, and heavy (wholesome) diet.

  3. Eat small, frequent, regular meals.

  4. Eat mild, warming spices, such as cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper.

  5. Well-cooked vegetables, grains with ghee, and soft, mushy soups are grounding autumn foods.

  6. Don’t skimp on sweet foods during autumn. Sweetness is grounding and doesn’t mean sugar: Think milk products in moderation, as well as white rice, carrots, cherries, and dates.

  7. Warming herbal teas are ideal for autumn. Choose blends featuring ingredients such as basil, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon bark, clove, ginger root, and liquorice root.

  8. If autumn is dry where you live, massage your skin with sesame or almond oil daily.

  9. Cooking with warming spices will help boost your digestion, such as cumin, fennel, ginger and black pepper.

  10. Before bed, enjoy a delicious night-time drink made from warmed milk boiled with cardamom, and nutmeg. It will help you sleep, digest and stay cosy.

  11. Because it’s a dry season, avoid dry food, such as dried fruits (unless stewed), and dry grains, such as rice cakes. When you dry out from the inside out this can cause extra dryness of the skin and even decrease your immunity.

  12. Avoid loud noises, fast driving, and chaotic activities. Take a leaf out of natures approach to the colder months. Slow down as best you can.

  13. Avoid raw vegetables, which have a cold energy that’s better suited to summer.

  14. Autumn, with its cold and dry weather, often makes people’s behaviour flaky and unpredictable, so work a little harder to lead a stable life and stick to a healthy routine.

  15. Avoid large beans and items such as cabbage, which create gas.

  16. Be kind to your immune system — you’ll need it soon enough, as the approaching winter means greater chances of catching colds and the flu.

  17. Embrace your inner calm and stay present while you eat.

  18. Constipation tends to worsen in autumn, so make sure you eat high-fiber, cooked foods, soaked raisins, and lubricating foods, such as healthy oils, to keep things moist and moving.

  19. Don’t stay up late; instead, prioritise getting a good night’s sleep.

Autumn can be a time of exciting new changes, as well as a time to focus on healthy lifestyle routines. Find health and balance and to welcome the new season by focusing on how you can better eat, digest, and create new habits for a peaceful internal and external existence.

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