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How digital technology is transforming care and communication at FeelCare.

‘Research conducted by Skills for Care has shown that over 95% of social work staff and managers use digital technology in their work’. For FeelCare this couldn’t be truer, from work rotas and payroll to well-being apps, the FeelCare team are investing in technology to continually improve how they provide care in the community.

Digital technologies are mostly used for FeelCare’s business administration and communications. However, technology is also contributing to the delivery and monitoring of care and support services. FeelCare use a fast, reliable system called ‘People Planner’. This comprehensive care management software enables the FeelCare team to put more time and resources into the delivery of care.

If a team members lacks basic digital skills but they have the enthusiasm to engage with the digital systems used at FeelCare, the office team are able to support learning and development in a range of ways, including peer support. Although relatively small, as FeelCare grow as a company the office team plan to recruit ‘digital champions’, for improving access to shared resources, knowledge and experience.

FeelCare Founder Christine explains a little more about technology at work.

What are the main benefits of technology for home care providers?

I’d say recording care provision for sure. It’s safe and secure for both our clients peace of mind but also helps us to work towards a paperless office.

How do lone working carers connect as a team as technology becomes more readily available?

FeelCare hold regular get togethers. Sometime a party to celebrate a national holiday or simply a weekday meal.

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