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Celebrating Christine: Founder of FeelCare Homecare Services, Championing Care and Community on International Women's Day

In honour of International Women's Day, FeelCare Homecare Services proudly celebrates its founder, Christine, a woman whose journey embodies resilience, compassion, and a commitment to genuine care.


Originally from the Philippines, Christine's life's path has taken her across continents, from her beloved Barcelona to the heart of North West London, where she has established a beacon of compassion in the form of FeelCare Homecare Services. Drawing from her experiences working in larger organisations, Christine identified a need for a more personal touch in the realm of homecare. Thus, FeelCare Homecare Services was born, founded on the principles of genuine care and personal connection.


For Christine, inspiration comes not only from notable figures but from the remarkable women within her own circle - friends and family who epitomise the balance of career success and family priorities. It is their unwavering support that fuels her drive to empower other women within her organisation and beyond, particularly in the realm of social care.


Despite facing industry challenges, including those posed by COVID-19 and Brexit, Christine's leadership remains unwavering, rooted in respect, compassion, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion. Her proudest achievement? Establishing a physical presence within her community, a testament to her dedication to serving those around her.


As International Women's Day approaches, Christine reflects on the significance of the day, not just as a woman of colour, but as a symbol of resilience and achievement. For her, it's about celebrating the victories, big and small, and recognising the collective strength of women from diverse backgrounds.


Looking ahead, Christine remains steadfast in her commitment to providing exceptional care while nurturing personal connections with each client and carer. With a team that shares her core values, she envisions a future where genuine care and compassion continue to be the driving force behind FeelCare Home Care Services.


This International Women's Day, FeelCare Home Care Services invites everyone to join in celebrating Christine and the countless women who inspire positive change in their communities and beyond.


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