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Being in the moment by finding your flow.

Susan K. Perry a social psychologist and author of 'Writing in Flow and Loving in Flow', explains that “flow” is a state of mind we reach when we are engaged in a certain activity. “Flow is the word most often used to describe the state of mind that occurs when you are so deeply engaged in some activity that time seems to stop. You need to feel challenged enough so you’re not bored, but not so challenged that you become frustrated to the point of wanting to stop what you’re doing.”

We experience flow without even realising it. It’s that feeling you get when you’re “in the zone” – when you feel at your most productive and don’t struggle to engage with the task at hand.

Being in flow can reduce anxiety as it creates a sense of calm.

Susan explains “Being in flow, first of all, feels really good. Not just when you’re in it, but when you exit that state of mind. You feel as though whatever you accomplished came to you without extreme effort on your part. You may feel part of something larger than yourself, which is helpful in living a meaningful life.

“Flow gives your mind a break from all that everyday anxiety that you can’t do anything about” “It’s the opposite, in many ways, of jumping from thought to thought. You’re going deeper into yourself, in a way, into a calmer, more productive place.”

In the midst of early postnatal anxiety this wouldn't have worked for me but it's a great tool to explore when your on the recovery. Especially if you experience overthinking or catastrophising as anxiety symptoms. I actually started writing this website as my "flow" exercise, I still use it today to access that state of mind.

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