In response to Coronavirus we would like to reassure you of the infection control procedures we have in place and how we are reinforcing these policies in relation to our carers and managers attending visits to our clients’ homes.

  • We are taking a pro-active approach by ensuring all FeelCare carers revisit their recent infection control training with the edition of information from the UK’s Public Health Authorities and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

  • Any clients showing symptoms will have their care plan amended to reflect their needs and ensure those providing care know how to respond should symptoms worsen.

  • When a FeelCare team member visits a client’s home both the shoes and clothes worn to travel in will be changed before providing care. Both a mask, gloves and extra hand-sanitiser has been provided too.

  • Any family members wanting to learn how to FaceTime or Skype their loved ones during this difficult time, please let us know. We would be very happy to show you.

Please stay safe and peaceful, we are here to help in any way we can from dropping groceries to one-to-one care.