Christine Enriquez

"A hello from FeelCare founder"

Some call it a mission statement, some company objectives or charter, but we like to think of our team intentions as the joint values that unite us. We jointly believe that we are one company and one community working together to:


  • provide the best care possible whilst always seeking to do better no matter what 

  • provide care with and dignity and respect  

  • not only embrace the differences between us all as clients and carers but learn and grow stronger because of this diversity 

  • work together as a team whilst taking responsivity for ourselves 

  • be open, honest and fair whilst maintaining our polite and caring approach 

  • to always take pride in all we have achieved, recognising these successes, whilst never forgetting to learn from any shortcomings

  • apply a 'can do' attitude and to ensure our clients' and carers' well-being is at the forefront of what we do 

  • to have fun and live life to the fullest 

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